1. Brilla - Exfoliate 3 times a week
2. Facial Polish - massage onto dry face with wet hands. Rinse and pat dry
3. Belleza - spray onto face.
4. Serum - apply to moist face
5. Facial Seal or Billancia - apply to face as moisturizer
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    BRILLA - EXFOLIATE Gently sweep away pore clogging dead skin cells to reveal a soft and glowing face. Use 1-3 times per week. Gentle massage onto moist skin. Rinse clean and pat dry. KEY INGREDIENTS: Coffee, colloidal oatmeal, sugar, beet sugar extract, comfrey root, graviola powder extract, coconut oil, creatine, jojoba oil, orange peel, Malic Acid (from apples): removes dead skin, clarifies. FACIAL POLISH - CLEANSER Gently cleanse and dissolve surface impurities without stripping natural oils. Massage onto dry face in tiny circles wet hand and massage into rich emulsion. Rinse clean and pat dry. KEY INGREDIENTS: safflower oil, jojoba oil, calendula oil, sunflower, kukui nut oil, passionfruit oil, apricot kernal oil, olive fruit oil, carrot seed oil, vitamin e. BELLEZZA - FACE MIST Unique hydrating & conditioning face mist helps calm any inflammation or irritation, while boosting collagen with the help of skin loving antioxidants. Also helps reduce pore size & prepare the skin to absorb ingredients of serum & moisturizer KEY INGREDIENTS: MSM (natural sulfur), betal leaf, soursop extract, bamboo extract, aloe vera, immortelle witch hazel, burdock root extract, arnica, cerassee, lemon balm extract, vitamin B3, beet sugar extract. SECOND SKIN - SERUM Hyaluronic acid based serum is rich in active ingredients that penetrate the deepest layer of skin to deposit healing nutrients. Helps to fade dark spots while evening skin tone & texture. Apply while face is still damp with face mist. KEY INGREDIENTS: aloe vera, sea kelp bioferment, hyaluronic acid, immortelle, phytokeratin, betaine, elder berry extract, bamboo extract, ashwaghanda extract, burdock root, niacinimide, vitamin b5, licorice root, ferulic acid, lemon peel bioferment. FACIAL SEAL- MOISTURIZER - NORMAL TO DRY SKIN For normal to dry skin. Rich emollient cream for intense all day hydration. Precious oils and plant extracts rejuvenate & reduce visible signs of aging. KEY INGREDIENTS: evening primr